Clinical Fellowships

Develop Your Skills With Sound Therapies

Since 2003, Sound Therapies has successfully mentored 25+ new graduates through their first year of practice.

Our mentoring program exceeds all state and national regulatory requirements, setting the stage for a life-long passion of learning and professional development.

We cannot think of anything more professionally rewarding than seeing the next generation of SLPs well-prepared, passionate, and empowered to make positive changes in the lives of children.

We Make The Student-To-Clinician Transition A Breeze

Sound Therapies knows that choosing one’s first job comes with conflicting emotions. While the excitement of completing your education can be exhilarating, fear of the unknown in the job setting can be overwhelming.

Sound Therapies strives to take some of the trepidation out of this student-to-clinician transition through our unique, mentoring program.

Only 3 clinical fellows are accepted into the mentoring program per year, so don’t wait, contact us today.


Mentoring Participants Receive:

Excellent Clinical Fellowship Supervision

Superior Required Practicum Experience (RPE) supervision (California License)

Monthly on-site mentoring/observation

Weekly consultations

Bi-monthly Team Meetings

Local, prompt assistance as needed

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